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Heysen Gallery

Heysen Gallery, Hahndorf, South Australia: In Progress
BEYOND INK : Concept design, planning documentation, town planning, consultant management, design development, construction documentation

Reflecting on previous versions of the project, BEYOND INK evolved the design to balance the operational needs of a modern gallery with the requirements of the venue’s largely volunteer staff. Reducing the building’s size has enabled a more manageable operating footprint for the gallery, whilst responding to the current financial realities of the construction environment.

The gallery will foster an immersive exploration of both the artistic oeuvre of Hans and Nora Heysen, and the unique scenic beauty of The Cedars. Derived from the natural environment, the earthy tones and rich timber elements of the design mirror the majestic gum trees that served as a prominent feature in Hans Heysen’s work. The design is bold, yet firmly ingrained in the essence of the Adelaide Hills and the values of the Heysen family.

The Gallery is funded with a federal grant under the Adelaide City Deal.

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