Wolf Blass Gallery and Museum

Donated by Wolf and Shirley Blass to the Wolf Blass Foundation, this property has become the new Wolf Blass Gallery and Museum – a celebration of the history of winemaking and Wolf Blass’s life.

Our Involvement: Design, Project Management, Cost Control, Town Planning, Interior Design

Builder: Scholz Constructions

Re-opening in late 2018,  the Wolf Blass Gallery and Museum building was formerly a bank – with a ruin at the back of the property. This ruin was, in fact, an old school house from a book written by Anni Luur Fox.

The schoolhouse was in bad shape (as it’s 175+ years old), but it has now been extensively restored, and the new Museum and Gallery building built around it.

The existing schoolhouse is now a feature inside the gallery and museum, and acts as a cooperage display.